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What’s tequila?

Any spirit labelled Tequila must be produced within Mexico. It is made from a plant called blue agave. Fun fact: out of 200 different mexican species, T must be made only from blue agave which also must be grown in Mexico.


Throw together a fizzy something with a spirit, add a curl of lime and you got yourself a cocktail…. But you have cocktails, and then you have cocktails.  A perfectly balanced Lavender Pisco Sour,  with Pisco Puro, organic lavender syrup, lime, egg white, lavender bitters… now that’s a cocktail! And it would do any bartender …

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London dry gin?

Did you know that London dry gin doesn’t have to be made in London? It can be made anywhere in the world, because it actually refers to its production process & not where it is made!

What’s gin?

Gin can be made anywhere in the world. By law, It’s a spirit that must be flavoured with juniper. But a lot of other botanicals could be added. Some of the common ones being coriander (dhania) seeds, citrus peel, etc. 

What is distillation?

In spirits production, distillation simply means heating an alcoholic liquid to an extent where it is converted into vapours. These vapours are then condensed & collected as a new liquid. And voila that’s known as the distilled spirit.

What is Port?

With the festive season approaching, you really must know what port wine is, isn’t it? You’ll probably be adding it to your yummy xmas cake!  Well port is classified as a fortified wine, what this simply means is grape spirit is added to wine to increase its alcoholic strength. So the alcohol % would generally …

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What is Sherry?

It is a white fortified wine from Spain. Yes, it’s white, not red or rose unlike most people believe it to be. And the sweetness level can differ so it can range from being very sweet to not sweet at all, based on which sherry style it is!

What is cognac?

Cognac is distilled grape brandy which must be produced in the Cognac region in France. Yes, Cognac is the name of a French region, & must come from there. Whereas any spirit labelled grape brandy can be produced anywhere in the world.


Is the name of a white grape variety. Its home is Germany, but is also grown in many other parts of the world. Along with fruit aromas like apple, pear, or peach, you may also find some floral aromas too.  It’s a very versatile grape which can make wines ranging from being absolutely dry to …

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