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Pinot noir:

It’s the name of a black grape variety. Noir means black in french.  Red Wines made from this grape are generally dry, light bodied, low in tannins, have good acidity & resemble aromas of red fruits like s/b & cherries. Also reds from PN will not be blended with other grapes, it will be made […]

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Liquor or liqueur:

Any alcoholic spirit which undergoes distillation can be classified under liquor. So for eg. whisky, vodka, rum, gin, tequila all fall under the category of liquor since they all undergo distillation.  Whereas liqueurs are sweetened, flavoured spirits. Some well known examples of liqueurs would be Baileys, Cointreau, Kahlua, Sambuca and Amaretto.

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Ice wine:

Ice wine or spelt eiswein in Germany, is a wine that is made from frozen grapes. So these are made in some of the coldest wine-producing countries like Canada, Germany, Austria. The grapes are allowed to freeze on the vine (on the grape plant) after which the grapes are harvested and pressed. Ice wines are

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Angel’s share:

When whisky is matured in casks, a small amount of whisky evaporates through the wood and into the atmosphere. Each year, roughly 2% of the liquid leaves the casks in Scotland, which amounts to more than a whopping 2 crores of casks/barrels. Guess what that’s equivalent to?! 44 Olympic-sized swimming pools of Scotch each year.

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Tequila 100% Agave: At times (but not always) you may see ‘Tequila 100% agave’ written on certain Tequila bottles/labels. This basically means that all the fermented sugars come from blue agave, & can’t come from any other source. Generally, these tequilas are more expensive than others.  Tequila: Whereas if only ‘tequila’ is mentioned on the

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