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Rose wine:

With summer almost here, let’s find out what a rose wine means! starting with the basics – pronunciation is rose & not rose wine.  A rose is a wine which is pink in colour, it could range from just a touch of pink to a very deep dark magenta rose. The common misconception is all […]

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Dark rum:

Premium dark rums are likely to spend a much longer time in oak barrels than golden rums, thus gaining a darker colour from extended ageing. These are likely to be very smooth & complex with flavours of sweet spice & dried fruits. Cheaper dark rums however get all their colour from caramel & will lack

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Digestif: Dee-jes-teef

A digestif is a beverage served at the end of a meal to aid in digestion, These beverages typically have a higher alcohol content, more sugar, and a more robust flavour profile than aperitifs. Common examples of digestifs include port, sherry, grappa, cognac, and limoncello. Digestifs are typically served at room temperature.  In addition, certain

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Aperitif : Aperi-teef

An apéritif is a refreshing alcoholic drink that is typically served before a meal to stimulate the appetite. Apéritifs are very common in Europe, particularly in France where it’s called aperitif and in Italy where it’s called ‘aperitivo’. Some well-known examples of aperitifs are Aperol Spritz, Negroni, Gin and Tonic, and dry still or sparkling

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