Sovna Puri Beverage Education

What is Pisco Sour

Throw together a fizzy something with a spirit, add a curl of lime and you got yourself a cocktail…. but you have cocktails, and then you have cocktails. 

A perfectly balanced Lavender Pisco Sour,  with Pisco Puro, organic lavender syrup, lime, egg white, lavender bitters… now that’s a cocktail! And it would do any bartender proud! 

So what’s a Pisco?

Pisco is simply a grape brandy from Chile and Peru. And Pisco ‘Puro’ refers to a Pisco being made only from one grape variety rather than a blend.

And a Pisco Puro makes an amazing classic cocktail. But add a lavender twist and you got yourself a dream of a cocktail!

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